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What is the Royale Pass?

What are the benefits in PUBG Mobile?

The Royale Pass is a seasonal event and allows players to complete various missions and earn various rewards throughout the season. The Royale Pass event is free to attend, but you can get various benefits by purchasing the “elite” pass. In this context, there are two types of Royale Pass memberships: Free and Elite. Players in both groups receive daily and challenge missions to complete. They earn Royale Points by completing these missions.

The daily quests are pretty simple and, usually only need to complete a few matches. During the event, your goal is to earn Royale Points and rank up by completing as many missions as possible. With each rank you earn, you get another reward. Free players’ rank rewards are mostly free coins. However, elite players can earn special event currency (UC), rare weapons, and skins as they rank up.

You can also benefit from the in-game premium features exclusive to Royale Pass members, free of charge, by converting your UCs to Royale Pass, which you will get with the points you can earn through In order to get PUBG Mobile Free Royale Pass, start your Earn UC journey today!

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